A risk-mitigated (S)EIS fund investing in some of the UK’s best tech talent


The abovefund will provide investors with access to a portfolio of technology enabled companies that have been risk-mitigated relative to similar early stage opportunities.

It achieves this through investing alongside the Founders Factory Incubation Programme which addresses the three key areas emerging companies most commonly struggle with:

• Proof of product/market fit;

• resourcing;

• access to major corporate partners.

Founders Factory

The abovefund's ability to draw on the resources of Founders Factory provides a significant edge for its portfolio companies.

£60m raised

Founders Factory is a world-first model in building and growing technology companies

90 startups to date

Corporate investors work closely with Founders Factory to drive synergistic financial and strategic return across all sectors.

9 corporate investors

9 corporate investors (L'Oreal, Marks & Spencer, easyJet, Guardian Media Group, Holtzbrinck, CSC, Aviva, Standard Bank) have committed to invest £60m to build a portfolio of disruptive, strategic startups.

70+ fulltime operational team

Operational hubs in London and Africa with a first class operating team of 70 digital specialists: engineers, data scientists, growth marketers and product developers.

Investment Committee 1

Investment Committee 2

Concept team presents to IC (which includes representatives from relevant corporate partners) for go/no-go on further development

Development team presents to IC (which includes representatives from relevant corporate partners) for go/no-go on launch

High Risk

Risk Lowered




In house and network teams develop concepts for critical review. Concepts are subjected to rigorous trial and review to confirm thesis.

Founders Factory operational team goes to work on building the business which typically includes: sourcing staff, product development, marketing support and ongoing strategy guidance. Approximately £250K of in-kind support provided during this stage.

Founders Factory commits £150K and on-going support from the operational team and network. abovefund investors will invest alongside Founders Factory and benefit from the development and support that has been invested to get a company to this stage.

Real world traction and scale - the Incubator programme is getting results

Case study

AcreEnd to End Digital Mortgages

Bringing clarity & efficiency to mortgages

Existing mortgages processes are slow, fee-laden and result in significant uncertainty.

Acre utilises distributed ledger and smart contract technology to streamline this process, aiming to remove cost and increase transparency.

Identified opportunity to leverage broker network of major financial group to completely rebuild the mortgage technology stack to enable entirely new mortgage products that are quicker and offer more certainty to buyers - Acre fulfils this need.

Acre has recently secured a £5m funding round which was lead by Aviva and will play a key role in the digital transformation strategy of Aviva and related groups.

The Founders Factory incubator aims to create, build and launch 15 companies a year - here's an indication of potential candidates for investment that the abovefund investors could have access to depending on their development stage and fundraising requirements:

A service that aims to leverage recent advancements in A.I. to recreate professional VFX effects quicker and cheaper than traditional methods. Puts personalisation of video and photos within the reach of SMEs.

A portal designed to triage in-house legal tasks with low skill tasks being fulfilled by self-service workflow tools and high skill tasks being assigned to the most relevant person. Saves valuable legal team time and streamlines legal team/non-legal team interaction.

Stripe for the travel industry. Kyte aims to combine travel inventory with payment infrastructure through a suite of developer friendly products and APIs. Businesses of every size, from new startups to public companies can use our products to access travel inventory and make bookings.

BRB is a new way to travel, go somewhere new in Europe every 4 months with flights and hotels sorted. Pay monthly and take the hassle out of budgeting for your getaways.

About Seedrs

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Recent partnerships include:

The abovefund - leveraging the power of Founders Factory

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Core investment rationale

  • Proven ability to create and grow technology companies (via Founders Factory).
  • Common early stage issues significantly risk-mitigated through investment and support of Founders Factory operational team and corporate partners.
  • Established pipeline of proprietary deal flow which removes competition for deals.
  • Highly experienced operational and management team with $1bn + exits to their credit.
  • Extensive industry network for sourcing follow on rounds of capital for investee companies.

Investing involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Please read the Risk Warnings before investing.

This fund campaign will allow you to invest in multiple companies that are selected by predetermined criteria, set up by the fund organiser, Founders Factory. Whilst each investment in a company will be structurally the same as regular equity campaigns on the Seedrs platform, your money will be invested company-by-company over a longer period, meaning that your shares in each company will be issued at different times.

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